Our services: area study, settling-in services, property search, get-settled help line & admin services

Area Orientation

A detailed study to your future location

The area orientation research is a valuable tool that can help sell the new location to your family members.

Living Easy’s area orientation service includes a detailed research with locally specific expertise. It will adapt to suit the interests of the relocating family and their accompanying members. Also it considers everything your relocating family will need to know for living in their new location. It is designed to deliver a comprehensive insight into the location.

Our Area Orientation Research service includes:
  • Accompanied area overview
  • Area information
  • Property overviews
  • Schooling overview
  • Everyday living advice
  • Helps to sell the location to your family members.
  • Identifies key considerations at an early stage to reduce the overall cost of the family move.
  • Expert advice and assistance to help you making informed decisions.

Settling-in services

in Montpellier & surrounding areas

The settling-in period is where you and family members are finding their way. It should be a positive experience and not a distraction to your new way of life.

Living Easy’s settling-in services are designed to help you through the first months of arriving in a new location, ensuring that family members are comfortable in their new surroundings.

Living Easy Settling-in Services includes:
  • Home search: short-/long-term accommodation
  • School enrollement
  • Local orientation tour
  • Utility (gas, electricity and water) and broadband connection (TV/Internet/Phone)
  • Banking services
  • Home insurance
  • Flexible and built around your needs
  • Reduces anxiety and the time it takes to settle-in
  • Cost effective

Property search services

  • Search for rental properties in Montpellier and surrounding areas & Assistance in signing up a rental contract & inventory check-in.
  • Search for properties to buy in Montpellier and surrounding areas & Assistance in completion of a purchase agreement.

Get-settled help line

your local expert

Once you arrive at your new home, the next hurdle can be finding your way around and everything you need.

Our Get-settled help line ensures you settle into your new location and get back to the normal routine of life much quicker.

You may have questions like:

  • What’s the best local doctor for me?
  • Where can I take the kids on the weekend?
  • How and where can I buy my subscriptions for public transports?
  • Where can I sign up my kids for soccer or tennis?
  • I need to get a local drivers licence, what do I do?
  • What networks and support groups are there to help me meet new people?

Admin services

Living Easy assists Anglophones in applying to the following admin services:

  • Registration to Living Together Agreement (PACS)
  • Registration to the French Health Insurance (Carte Vitale, CPAM)
  • Registration to the French Child Support Services (CAF)
  • Registration to French Freelance system (Micro-entrepreneur/Professions liberales)