//Popular Towns in Hérault

Popular Towns in Hérault


The busy port town of Sète is a real gem on the South France coast. Don’t be put off by the industrial outskirts to the town as Sète has become one of the fastest growing property hot spots in the South France. Sète grew rapidly during the late 17th Century due to its links to the Canal du Midi and the Canal Rhone. The town of Sète itself wraps itself around the rocky Mont St-Clair promontory. The old quarter of Sète straddles the Canal Royal, there are lots of good restaurants and bars and a beautiful beach. The coast line of Sète joins to Marseillan and this city is also very well known for good dining and its Port and beach resorts.


Agde is a lively town on the river Hérault, 4 km from the Mediterranean Sea of Cap d’Agde and Vias. The Canal du Midi connects to the Hérault at the Agde Round Lock (“L’Écluse Ronde d’Agde”). Next to Agde you have the Ville Grau d’Agde with it’s fishing, boats and restaurants along the port and the beach front. Agde has a history dating back at least to Greek times, although the main feature of historical interest that you will see in the town now is the fortified cathedral. The market day is on a Thursday.


Pézénas has a nice attractive old town, unspoiled by modern development, with narrow streets to explore as well as some grand 17th century houses. It’s town centre was one of the first in France to be protected as an historic monument. The most important religious monument in Pézenas is the 18th century Collegiale Church of saint-Jean, it’s worth a visit.The town is also reputed for its antique and bric-a-brac shops. Walking through the old town you will find a number of inviting restaurants to tempt you.

There is also a Museum of Toys, an Arts and Crafts Centre and an interesting Centre for Architecture and Heritage in Pézenas. The market day is Saturday in Pézenas.


Aigues Mortes is found in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, 8 kilometres from the coast. The town is quite remote on the southern edge of the Camargue region of France and is the only significant town to fall in the Camargue region. Aigues Mortes was founded by King Louis IX (later to become Saint Louis) in 1240. The main legacy from this time is the Constance Tower, now part of the fortifications that surround the town – the castle of which the tower formed a part is no longer in existence.The pretty Place St Louis is the centre of old Aigues Mortes, with the Town Hall, a church, a statue of the venerable Saint Louis and a good selection of cafes and restaurants.The other big attraction for visitors is the chance to walk around the ramparts and explore the Constance Tower. Market days in Aigues Mortes are Wednesday and Sunday.