Who we are & What we do

Living Easy offers you a variety of settling-in services in Montpellier

We did it - and you can too!

We know how difficult it can be to find a tailor made, streamlined service that understands your unique needs and speaks your language. Our aim is to offer support, advice and first-hand experience that will smooth your transition to this area.

With our help and straight-forward approach we will navigate you through the settling-in process so you can enjoy the Mediterranean way of life in a flash.

Our move to Montpellier was quite challenging

It took us by surprise!

In 2004 our family moved to Montpellier because of my husband’s work. We were quite excited to start a new life in the South of France. Before we moved to France, we lived the big city life in Amsterdam. Moving to this area was quite challenging in the early years, but today we really appreciate the area we now living in and the new lifestyle we have.

It’s more relaxing and our three kids are enjoying a new life, a new culture and the benefits of eight months sunshine a year.

In 2012 we started Living Easy with the great desire to help new arrivals to make their move as straightforward and stress-free as possible. We bring a wealth of experience and understanding of the complex process of moving abroad with your family. We are here to guide you through what can seem like a complex maze of choices, decisions and unexpected problems.

Often we can see any problem before they arise and take steps to avoid them – that’s what comes with experience.